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Headless CMS Architectures

thumbExplore why Enterprise Digital Ecosystems are creating a new style of content management architecture

I find mid tier CMS vendors the most interesting, they are the vendors that are the most innovative and challenging to the guys  at the top.  However because of their nature they are marketing their products to users that like everything wrapped up into a suite of capability.  This is where things can go wrong and prevent those vendors from enjoying some of the benefits of working with enterprise clients.  A way to break through this barrier is through architecture of the product.  Creating product architectures that enable customers to have a great degree of choice and flexibility in the implementation of the platform into their business.  The best approach to do this is the decoupled approach or headless CMS model.  The following white paper explores some challenging approaches to mid tier CMS vendor architectures;

Headless Content Management Architectures White Paper


Further to the initial white paper I will publish a video and podcast on this subject in the next week.

CTO Bytes // 2017 Tech Trends

Watch episode 003 for 2017 Tech Trends

2017 Key Trending Areas

#1 – Enterprise Digital Hub

#2 – Artificial Intelligence

#3 – Emerging BI from Analytics

#4 – Vendor Innovation Gap

#5 – The Internet of Things

#6 – Distributed Ledger and Block Chain

#7 – Mandated Innovation

#8 – Digital Automation

#9 – Video

#10 – Virtual Reality


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CTO Bytes // The Enterprise Digital Hub

Following on from my recent podcast about the enterprise digital estate I decided to produce a CTO Bytes episode on the subject to illustrate some of the concepts.  The Enterprise Digital Hub is a concept I have been working on for some time. Watch for an explanation of why I think it is important for organisations and digital strategies.


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Zero to A.I. // The CTO Podcast

Zero to AI is an article I wrote back in June 2016. It attempts to talk through the journey of computing on its quest for artificial intelligence. In this podcast I simplify this journey and focus on the application of A.I. technology in the digital industries.


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Original Article // zero to A.I.

Internet of Things // The CTO Podcast

Released 17th August 2016



The Internet of Things is a growing story with gathering momentum. Predictions of a $235 billion industry by the end of 2016. Is it hype or do we sew the seeds of a project now. Listen to our efforts in recent IOT feasibility projects. Here I talk about the considerations and innovation required to kick off an IOT project.


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The Hub Strategy // The CTO Podcast

The Digital Estate and the Hub Strategy

Released 02 August 2016


Exploring the concept of the digital estate a term coined by digital agencies to refer to technologies and solutions they deliver into. But the digital estate is evolving due advances in technology and demands from consumers with regard to how they expect services, product and experiences. The view is, all digital estates now need a hub strategy, listen to understand what this means and how your digital estate can embrace this thinking. It’s is still early but we need to start laying the foundations now.

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Diagram discussed in this weeks episode..


London CTO and CIO Club

The London and UK based Chief Technology Officers and Chief information officer’s club linked-in group.

London has become londeyeone of the world’s largest technology hubs only surpassed by the mighty Silicon Valley. This groups has been setup with the aim of promoting collaboration of UK based technology and innovation in London and throughout the UK.  The group is targeted at both CIO and CTOs of organisations with innovation and digital disruption at the core of their future strategy.  We are particularly focussed on maintaining and improving the UK’s innovation capability, the UK’s digital competitiveness and export capability.

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