Headless CMS Architectures

thumbExplore why Enterprise Digital Ecosystems are creating a new style of content management architecture

I find mid tier CMS vendors the most interesting, they are the vendors that are the most innovative and challenging to the guys  at the top.  However because of their nature they are marketing their products to users that like everything wrapped up into a suite of capability.  This is where things can go wrong and prevent those vendors from enjoying some of the benefits of working with enterprise clients.  A way to break through this barrier is through architecture of the product.  Creating product architectures that enable customers to have a great degree of choice and flexibility in the implementation of the platform into their business.  The best approach to do this is the decoupled approach or headless CMS model.  The following white paper explores some challenging approaches to mid tier CMS vendor architectures;

Headless Content Management Architectures White Paper


Further to the initial white paper I will publish a video and podcast on this subject in the next week.