Well Microsoft you might just have something(but is it cool enough)

I’ve been waiting for this one for some time.  We got a glimpse of some preview technologies earlier in the year, over at Redmond and I suspected the emergence of this little beast.  Not sure how your OEM partners are going to view it though.

It looks like a good attempt and is certainly better than most of the devices coming out of south and east asia.  However does it have the cool factor?  Its a bit like business men in polyester shirts.  Theyare just not cool.  However they are business men and that may be Microsoft’s game.  I think the device will makebig headway amongst the standard mundane business world away from the image conscious brand people. The stylus will make it a great note taking tool when combined with one note or even evernote and I think MS Office will be one of the biggest reasons for using the device.  Cool accessories, like the key board approach seems to really think about productivity.

ImageI think, Microsoft, you might just capture marketshare here.  The I.T. departments of the world will surely like to take this as a standard.

But I’m afraid its still not cool enough.  I’m going to keep my iPad but I might just purchase one, for those productive days where I don’t need to be as creative in my thinking.