The Devils in the detail, but detail can’t be seen from the sky, but what you can see is the world from up here

The devils always in the detail but sometimes you need to catch a plane to see the big picture.  I’ve been immersed in one particular programme of work with numerous work streams for two years now.  Attention to detail is often what keeps things on track. It is one of the most important traits when running any programme.  However I tend to keep a big picture view in my head, which I sometimes struggle to communicate to team members.  Building a big picture and thinking the solution through, catering for all eventuality and the constantly re-routing and re-planning of priorities, resources, projects and approaches. With experience this becomes natural and is very fluid, but for new members of the team its often difficult to see the wood for the trees.  So I wanted a tool that is not a project plan, but more of a high-level resource allocation and scheduling tool from a 30,000 feet perspective. A tool that enables you to quickly re run scenarios.  A what if we try this or that approach? After some searching and piloting of the many online project management tools I couldn’t find anything that would give me that 30,000 foot viewpoint.  But what I did find was give it a try.