Thinking about the clouds

UniServity is gearing up to make its technology available to partner organisations overseas. The Life learning cloud has been up and running for over 18 months now and its first wave of users are now fully deployed. We have been working with these user communities to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our platform and we are increasing R&D spend to further enhance the platform and provide more innovative features.

However we are gearing up to make our technology available to our partners. UniServity Life is already licensed through our Australian distributor Learnology. Learnology has helped with the success of this partnership and the rollout of the platform to a substantial number of users in Australia, we are now turning our sights to extend this model.

Next week UniServity are making available a licensed version of the learning cloud to partners, enabling Life to be provided by our partners and allowing those partners to add their own educational value to the product. What does this really mean? The life community will be enhanced and will provide different flavours to the educational community. We will start communicating more over the next few weeks. But watch out for announcements in Eastern Europe. More to follow….

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