Apple iPad(iSlate, so I was wrong about the name) Predictions

Ahead of Wednesday’s potential announcement from Apple, I’m going to stick my neck on the line and predict what such a potential announcement could mean to consumers, education and the publishing industry.

For anyone who’s not watching cyberspace for new technology announcements, the much anticipated Apple device should be made available for the general public to browse at large on Wednesday(I hope). The iSlate(its not official) has been the hot subject behind most rumours, however to Apple’s credit they have been able to keep this closely guarded secret under wraps. We do not officially know what this device is or even what its going to be called. However we do know that it’s something that will build on the success of the iPhone, iPod touch and the appstore model. It will be aimed at consumers rather than business users and it will try to own their window onto the digital world. The device expects to boast;- built in wireless /3G connectivity, multi touch interface, ireader functionality for magazines and ebooks. Not to mention audio, video and downloadable apps that are the mainstay of the iPhone and iPod touch platform.

What will this mean to us? Well it’s a start, there’s concerns that the device will be priced too high to gather momentum quickly. However the concepts behind the device, its interface approaches and its bundled approach to personal media devices will change the way we think. It will provide a spring board for a new breed of application and a new type of business model which will start to impact on the traditional publishing and magazine sector. Such a device will further enhance the way we live our lives in the cloud and our approach to computing as a whole. Like with the iPhone expect to see copycats following quickly in the footsteps.

Should I be part of this? Certainly. New business models will develop particularly in the education and publishing space. We will be their first as we move our iPhoneCreate offering to support this new extension to Apple’s ever growing development and distribution platform.

And of cause none of this may happen, my fate lye’s in Apples hands;-)

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