Creating a learning movement

As cloud based thinking moves out of the world of technology speak and into all our lives this year. We will all need to pay close attention to how we manage our life in the cloud. Digital responsibility will become a key thing to consider as our content and life starts to get tattooed onto cyberspace. Whilst awareness of this is key its something where the benefits overtake any disadvantages.

Education is a key area that will be revolutionised by cloud based thinking. Embracing social learning, connected learning communities, learning platforms and next generation web tools can provide an enhancement to traditional education processes. However we need to consider how we create a new digital learning movement in the cloud. Learners need something new, the education sector needs to refocus on where our digital learners are at.

My answer to this is “Life” life in the cloud, life is about learning, life is about embracing life long learning. Life will create a leaning movement a digital movement that provides life long learners with choice. Choice of tools, software, content, communities, approaches. Life goes beyond main stream education it reaches into our homes, our social life, our work and above all my life.

Watch the conversation as it evolves

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