User Experience is what matters

People are starting to expect more engaging and connected experiences from their web browsers, devices, apps and social networks. Connected User Experience is what matters and isolated traditional domain based websites will become outdated and uninviting.

For high end consumer products, we know that user research is a big part of the buying process. Companies need to provide their prospective clients with a connected experience, across multiple channels, that reflects modern social browsing behaviour.

Already Facebook Connect is starting to appear on many sites allowing users to stay linked to their wider community. Access to this community means that experiences can be shared and friendly advice is on tap. We predict that seamless browsing integration with your community and your environment will start to become the norm. The standalone website will not be able to compete.

More engaging user experiences will also become a critical part of the marketing mix. There is a range of techniques that are currently being investigated, ranging from the latest gesture technology, video animation, deep zoom effects, interjectable animations to clever navigation techniques. The best product show cases are set to quickly move beyond the zoom and rotate that we have seen for the last ten years.

The internet is moving on and we need to think beyond the device and the website. We now work in a multi channelled, socially connected ecosystem. Your digital strategy should account for the opportunities provided within this ecosystem by the application of rich digital content and the exploration and interaction of that content.

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