Something else

Spending lots of time on airplanes you have plenty of time on your hands, so through the help of an iPad and the ArtRage I can pass the time.  Not work related but I wanted somewhere to stick them save them going to waste.  Hope you enjoy.

Santonrini Sunset

Santorini Sunset August 2012. Painted using Art Rage on the iPad.





Elephants to Japan.  September 2012 whilst flying to Japan.  12 hours of boredom. iPad battery lasted





Go Wiggo – Success of Bradley Wiggins 2012 Tour de France and Olympic Time trial






Stick Your Neck – September 2012 on a flight to LA.  After spending too many weeks sticking my neck out to make a couple of projects come together.






My Son Ollie – August 2012.  Having Just learnt to swim in France.





No name for this beast – Aug 2012


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