CTO Bytes // The Enterprise Digital Hub

Following on from my recent podcast about the enterprise digital estate I decided to produce a CTO Bytes episode on the subject to illustrate some of the concepts.  The Enterprise Digital Hub is a concept I have been working on for some time. Watch for an explanation of why I think it is important for organisations and digital strategies.


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The Hub Strategy // The CTO Podcast

The Digital Estate and the Hub Strategy

Released 02 August 2016


Exploring the concept of the digital estate a term coined by digital agencies to refer to technologies and solutions they deliver into. But the digital estate is evolving due advances in technology and demands from consumers with regard to how they expect services, product and experiences. The view is, all digital estates now need a hub strategy, listen to understand what this means and how your digital estate can embrace this thinking. It’s is still early but we need to start laying the foundations now.

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Diagram discussed in this weeks episode..