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Welcome to mattclarkecto.com. Matt Clarke is  CTO of Amaze Plc.  Follow this blog for more information on technology trends and interesting developments in Amaze or if you just want to know what Matt is currently thinking about, working on, interested in or simply just pondering on whilst sat on aeroplanes then save this in your bookmarks or follow @mbclarke on twitter.

Matt was one of the original web technology team members at Amaze and helped grow the business into the 5th largest web design and build agencies in the UK.  He left Amaze in 2006 to form a new venture which is now Amaze technology and has rejoined the Amaze group of companies as CTO. Matt also took over as CEO or UniServity, one of the UK’s largest learning platform businesses.  He has overseen the transformation of UniServity into profitability and is now rolling out a next generation learning cloud called Life which is seen as world leading and unique in its approach to learning technologies.

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